Yoga Classes in Delhi

Yoga Classes in Delhi

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Delhi, India
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‘Health is Wealth’, these words feel better while listening but are tough to implement in practical life. A common man’s life is so restricted in between the office and home affairs that he is unable to think beyond his daily hassle. There is no doubt that the health gets affected the most with no solution to restore it. Rishikul Yogshala Yoga studio in Delhi brings the most trusted way of restoring health and bliss in life through Yoga. Devote some precious moments of your life to the soulful Yoga practices and let stress and anxiety go.

About the program:

Rishikul Yogshala conducts daily Yoga classes in Delhi with the aim to make every citizen aware of the immense benefits of Yoga in bettering a deteriorating lifestyle. In addition to the exercise of Yoga asanas, you will be presented with the study of Yoga’s practical teachings.

Program Highlights:

• Get introduced to the science of Yoga and what roles does it play in regulating the health of a person.
• Know about the Yoga poses in brief and their practices.
• Everyday practice of Pranayama to energize the whole body and mind.
• Our training begins with the introductory level asanas and gradually moves to the advanced level.
• Meditation is an integral aspect of our Yoga classes and is practiced to align the mind and body.
• A complete yogic and positive atmosphere with the trainers ready to help out all the time.
• Interaction with the teachers regarding the practice and any glitches.
• The art of including Yoga in the daily routine.
• Mantras practice to bring unity to the mind.
• Learn how to get instant energy with Yoga in the office with an introduction to Chair Yoga.

About Rishikul Yogshala:

Rishikul Yogshala is a global brand in the field of Yoga training having centres in Nepal, India, Thailand, etc. The Yogshala is known for its high-profile trainers and Yoga teachers who hold a vast experience in teaching the traditional aspects of the discipline. Apart from organizing higher levels of Yoga programs such as Yoga TTC and retreats, the Yoga Institution also offers daily Yoga training classes in Delhi NCR.

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