Yoga Certification in Gurgaon

Yoga Certification in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, Haryana, India
DLF Phase 5 D – 14/1 Exclusive Floor Near Lancer School and DLF 5 Club Sector 53 Gurgaon None 122009 IN


Intensify your passion and love for yoga with Aumyogashala’s yoga certification in Gurgaon. With a fast paced life and stress always round the corner, the world is facing serious health crisis especially in the metropolitan cities. Altogether they are taking us away from the natural way of living and making us fall into the quarry of physical, mental and emotional hassle.

With the science of spiritual wisdom, embrace the wholesome way of living by enlivening the body, mind and emotions. Yoga has been healing and enlightening the human race since the Vedic Era. Aumyogashala brings to you the majestic benefits of yoga in your city with yoga certification program and yoga classes in Gurgaon. With us attain greater benefits by unfolding the mystic layers of yogic art and enhance your practice.

About the Program

Commence on a yogic journey where the holistic aspect of yoga harmonize the body, enlighten you to the core, bestow authentic learning, calm the mind and stabilize the emotions. Get introduced to the heightened knowledge of this ancient art by devoting the precious moments of your life to this practice of discipline, spirituality and ethics.

• Emerge as an evolved practitioner with our yoga classes and courses – 200 Hour, 300 Hour, and 500 Hour YTT.
• Introduction to the traditional yoga forms with the learning of – Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga, and also Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Karma, Yoga and more.
• Mark the soulful flow of spiritual training and bring awareness with the practice of Meditation and Pranayama.
• Have deeper understanding of the human body with Anatomical Study of Yoga.
• Under the yogic way of life with the reading of amazing literary pieces like Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutra, etc.
• Learn to perform asanas safely and correctly with Adjustment and Alignment class.
• Take part in a well-crafted session of Teaching Methodology and also learn about the yogic way of inner purification with Shat Kriya.
• Learn to heal with Ayurveda, and its healthy dietary and cooking tips.

Fee Details

• For Indian Certificate- 40,000 INR
• For Yoga Alliance USA Certificate- 60,000 INR

About Aumyogashala

AumYogashala is an apt place to indulge deeper into the practice and learning of holistic science sitting at your city without the need to fly down to a yogic land. Yoga is for all, and everyone, the school also believes the same. Since many years they’re bestowing the true knowledge of yoga through their classes and yoga certification in Gurgaon. Being deeply rooted in the teaching of yoga, the courses are a merger of both traditional and contemporary styles to meet the expectations of every student.

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The world is facing a serious health crisis wherein the metropolis life has become a stressful working hub. The more we are going away from the natural living, the faster this life is falling prey to mental and physical hassle. Embrace the wholesome way of living, build a fine physique, and cure several body diseases with Yoga classes in Gurgaon. Aum Yoga Shala’s professional trainers are here to help you achieve health and wellness.

About the program: Yoga sessions are organized here with the aim to let the aspirants know what a life of wellness is. At Yoga classes in Sushant Lok by Aum Yoga Shala, you will spend time with Yoga and health experts, who guide you to the correct way of controlling the strenuous situations and living with positivity in the body and mind both.

Program Highlights:

● Learn the basic advantages of doing Yoga every day.
● Introduction to the Yoga asanas
● Beginning of the sessions with the soulful utterance of the AUM mantra to purify the mind.
● Pranayama is given immense focus during the classes for its benefits in the regulation of breath and other bodily functions.
● Brief information about Ayurveda and its relevance as a way of living.
● Lead your mind to utter silence and attentive mode through Meditation practices.
● Training of the body alignment.
● Understand the worth of Chair Yoga for enjoying Yoga’s benefits even while in the office.
● Learn how to include Yoga in your daily living.
● Muscles building with higher level poses.
● The art of restoring fitness in case of various diseases with Yoga.

Fee Details

2 days/week/month: 2400 INR
3 days/week/month: 3000 INR
5 days/week/month: 4000 INR

About Aum Yoga Shala: Offering Yoga training to the citizens of Delhi NCR, Aum Yoga Shala is one of the leading Yoga studios in the region. From beginners to advanced, the Yoga center conducts numerous Yoga courses such as Daily Yoga classes in gurgaon, Yoga TTC, Yoga retreat, etc. The Yoga Shala is an avid believer of AUM mantra as the source of immense peace and aspires to make the practitioners mentally as well as physically healthy with various practices of Yoga. Trainers of Aum Yoga Shala are quite popular among the students for their facile ways of coaching.

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