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Clove Dental

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The ancient art of healing that originated in India thousands of years ago in the serene ambiance of the Himalayas has now spread its roots across the globe. The yogic art has been helping and enlightening us since the time of its inception in the Vedic Era. The ancient science of life perfectly fits in the modern world and proves to be an ideal modus to rejuvenate, to revitalize, to deepen the practice and enliven the senses.

Attain all the yogic facilities while sitting in a metro city without the need of traveling to the Himalayas, with Yoga courses in Bangalore at Shwaasa. Submerge deep into the yogic practice, unfold the layers of mystic science and take your passion and love of yoga a step ahead by commencing the holistic spiritual voyage in the Garden City of India, Bangalore with Shwaasa.

About the Program

Offering an array of mesmeric yogic courses and programs under the esteemed guidance of Shwaasa guru, with us choose the best course for self for the rooted knowledge of the yogic science. Revive and replenish at the resplendent setting of Shwaasa Ashram and acquire the authentic and traditional learning of yoga and its aspects.


• Attain the profound learning of yogic science through the study of Yoga Philosophy.
• Know everything about the Human Body with Yoga Anatomy class.
• Learn and practice the traditional forms of yoga – Hatha and Ashtanga.
• Know how to perform asana correctly with Adjustment and Alignment classes.
• Awaken the conscience and attain peace with Meditation Practice.
• Control the breath and sync with movements with the practice of Pranayama.
• Learn about Chakras, Mudras and Bandhas, Mantra Chanting, yoga props and Shat Kriya, and more.

Fee Details

• 500 USD

Accommodation and Food

We accommodate our students at a place that is designed to give you ashram-like feel and staying in a euphoric ambiance surely restores health. The ashrams are tucked away from the chaotic city life bestowing you with restfulness and the rooms are facilitated with basic amenities for all comfort. Along with that, we provide three nutritious yogic meals for re-energizing of the body that is cooked by our in-house trained Ayurveda chefs.

About Shwaasa

With us indulge into the best yoga course in India held in the metro cities and take a step towards transformation and enlightenment. Yoga is a highly sacred practice and with Shwaasa, assimilate the purpose of acquiring rooted learning of yogic science. An apt place for yoga seekers, Shwaasa from years now is providing authentic and true teachings of yoga.

No 12, 2nd floor, E-Block, Balaji Complex, Sultanpet, Bangalore - 560053 10.04 km
108F, MLA Layout, RMV 2nd Stage, Boopasandra Near Boopasandra Bus-stand, Bangalore -560094, Karnataka, India. 13.5 km
108F, MLA Layout,RMV 2nd Stage, Boopasandra Near Boopasandra Bus-stand,Bangalore, Karnataka, India 16.21 km
Rishikul Yogshala Concorde Napa valley Tharalu, kaggalipura, kanakpura main road, bangaluru Karnataka 560082 19.21 km


To restore the health and peace of mind, fitness fanatics today choose the holistic way of sustaining health over other arduous techniques. Yoga is the way out; an ancient healing system which is a reliable source of treating the distorted being of ours. The modern world is the hub of serious health crisis that is taking us away from the natural way of living and making us fall into the quarry of physical-mental hassle.

To embrace the equitable way of living, to maintain a healthy physique and live an ailment free life, take a step ahead with Yoga classes in Bangalore. The city being the techie hub demands the dire need of right kind of health training. Enrol in the best yoga center in Bangalore and get trained under the professional guidance of teachers who will help you achieve complete wellness.

About the Program

With Rishikul Yogshala take a step towards a healthy body, calm mind and restful soul. We aim to help our students to know and practice the life of wellness. Take an hour from your life towards creating a better and healthier tomorrow and learn to live in a fit body with a positive mind.

Highlights of the Program:

• Learn the basic advancements of practicing yoga regularly.
• Get introduced to the yogic art with the learning of Yoga philosophy and history.
• Know the traditional form of yoga practice with Ashtanga and Hatha yoga.
• Meditate to release stress and awaken the inner consciousness.
• Regulate the breath and other body functions with Pranayama practice.
• Training of Adjustment and Alignment techniques.
• Learn about Ayurveda and Ayurveda culinary techniques for a better life and healthy habits.
• Learn the techniques of Shatkriyas – yogic purification method.
• Understand the importance of Chair Yoga and practice yoga anywhere.
• Live yogic lifestyle, adapting yogic ethics and principles.
• Cultivate the inner joy with Laughter Yoga Therapy.

Fee Details

• USD 5 per class


About Rishikul Yogashala

Offering yoga teacher training and retreats to the aspirants for years now pan India; Rishikul Yogshala is a renowned name in the yogic education industry. With the main school at Rishikesh India, Rishikul Yogshala has branches in countries including Nepal, Thailand, Mozambique, Iran, and Vietnam. Aiming at becoming the best in the respected field, Rishikul Yogshala promises to bestow the rooted and authentic learning of yogic science to aspirants across the globe.

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